Adapter Commlite EF to NEX



  • Tipe: Adaptor lensa / Lens mount adapter
  • Kompatibel:
    • Lensa: Canon EF dan EF-S mount
    • Kamera: Sony E-mount (seri A7, A6000, A5000, NEX)


  • Autofokus: Ya (tergantung model dan kompatibilitas lensa)
  • Kontrol Apertur Elektronik: Ya
  • Stabilisasi Gambar:
    • Mendukung penggunaan stabilisasi gambar internal kamera Sony (IBIS) pada lensa yang kompatibel.
    • Beberapa model memiliki stabilisasi gambar built-in (tidak pada semua model).
  • Tripod Socket: Ya (biasanya ulir 1/4″)
  • Konstruksi:
    • Plastik (pada beberapa model lama)
    • Logam (pada beberapa model terbaru)


  • Kualitas Gambar: Dapat mempertahankan kualitas gambar lensa Canon EF/EF-S yang terpasang.
  • Kecepatan Autofokus:
    • Kecepatan autofocus bisa bervariasi tergantung model adapter, kamera, dan lensa.
    • Beberapa pengguna melaporkan autofocus yang lambat pada kombinasi tertentu.
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The Commlite EF to NEX adapter offers several advantages for photographers who want to use their Canon EF or EF-S mount lenses on Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras:

Affordability: Compared to some other electronic adapters on the market, the Commlite EF to NEX is a more budget-friendly option. This makes it a good choice for photographers who want to expand their lens options without breaking the bank.

Maintains Key Functionality:

  • Autofocus: The adapter supports autofocus functionality, allowing you to capture photos and videos with ease without needing to manually focus the lens.
  • Aperture Control: You can still adjust the aperture electronically through the camera body, offering creative control over depth of field and low-light performance.

Supports Image Stabilization (on compatible cameras): If your Sony camera has built-in image stabilization (IBIS), the adapter can communicate with the lens to leverage this feature and help reduce camera shake for sharper images.

Built-in Hand-Shaking Function (on some models): Some Commlite EF to NEX adapters have a built-in image stabilization feature that can help mitigate camera shake, especially beneficial for lenses that don’t have their own stabilization.

Full-Frame Compatibility: The adapter design allows full-frame Canon EF lenses to be used seamlessly on Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras, utilizing the entire sensor for high-quality images.

Improved Durability: While some earlier models may have been made of plastic, newer Commlite EF to NEX adapters often feature a metal construction, offering better build quality and potentially increased longevity.

Wide Range of Compatible Lenses: The adapter allows you to use a vast collection of Canon EF and EF-S mount lenses on your Sony E-mount camera, giving you access to a wider variety of focal lengths and functionalities.

Easy to Use: The adapter is generally straightforward to set up and use. Simply mount it onto your Sony camera body and then attach your Canon EF or EF-S lens.

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